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People playing 'Russian Roulette' with drugs, says West Cork rapid response doctor 10/07/2018 - 13:00:00Back to Ireland Home A rapid response doctor has said people are playing ''Russian Roulette'' with drugs after he responded to an incident in West Cork last weekend. Today, Dr Jason van der Velde spoke of his first-hand experience of responding to the aftermath of teenagers having a "drug-fuelled night" in Clonakilty, Co Cork. The teenagers were described as having consumed some unidentified substances which left one 15-year-old boy in an unconscious state. Speaking to Patricia Messinger on C103’s Cork Today Show, Dr van der Velde described how he presumed that the boy was in such a state after drinking, but, in fact, there was "not a sausage of evidence that this child had taken any alcohol whatsoever". "He was vomiting, spitting at us, and behaving irrationally and there was not a smell of alcohol," Dr van der Velde said An ambulance was called by the staff of the local teenage disco who found the boy. Upon quizzing the other teenagers, it transpired that they had taken ecstasy, or what they thought what ecstasy. "You can't know what these kids have taken, certainly the behaviour was not that off what you would expect from someone who has taken pure ecstasy," said Dr van der Velde. He then clarified that the underage disco was not at fault, rather the staff are "invaluable" to the community for patrolling the area to ensure that kids behave themselves. The doctor said that bad batches of drugs are often blamed for incidents, but he questions: "Is there any kind of good batch of drugs?" "You wouldn't take a drink out of an open cup that's in an alleyway, would you?" "I don't have all the answers, all I can do is bear witness to what we see responding on a night out, or when we respond to these drug overdoses," he said. "The environment that we're going into, it's not safe; these drug dens that we go into, they're so filthy. "You think all the infections that [people] are putting themselves at risk to taking some unknown tablet or liquid or inhalation of some substance, it's just craziness, it's Russian Roulette at its worst." After the call out to Clonakilty, one teenager was sent to hospital but Dr van der Velde said there were a number of other incidents going on around the town that night and calls were made to parents.

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astronauts to space as soon as 2019, using their Dragon and Starliner spacecraft respectively. But the report from the Government Accountability Office said the issues could cause delays in the launch of the first crewed mission from U.S. soil by a private company and could result in a nine-month gap in which no U.S. astronauts inhabit the ISS. “Boeing and SpaceX continue to make progress developing their crew transportation systems, but both contractors have further delayed the certification milestone to early 2019,” the report said. “Without a viable contingency option for ensuring uninterrupted access to the ISS in the event of further commercial crew delays, we concluded that NASA was at risk of not being able to maximize the return on its multibillion dollar investment in the space station,” it added. Boeing said it was aiming for test flights this year. “Boeing is working with NASA to ensure that the CST-100 Starliner flies at the earliest time it is safe to do so,” Boeing senior spokesman Jerry Drelling told Reuters in an email. Officials with SpaceX, formally known as Space Exploration Technologies, and NASA could not immediately be reached to comment.

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Playing Russian Roulette With A Laser Pistol  The Voidz Live

The band comes in hot, opening  with “QYURRYUS” the abstract Arabic dance banger that melts the crowds faces into the year 3011. This is immediately followed by the dark and rave like  “Black Hole,” then mellowed out into the more laid back, synthy “Permanent High School.” The crowd devours every second of it, pushing and shoving each other into an ocean of sweat. The show is loud and dangerous, two elements missing from a lot of modern rock acts. There is something instantly recognizable about The Voidz onstage. They’re having fun, loads of it. The guitar players Amir Yaghmai and Jeremy “Beardo” Gritter relish in the crowd responses to their textbook guitar moves,.  The drummer Alex Carapetis is a silhouette of sweat that locks and loads the rhythm section through the abyss he creates along with bass and keyboard player Jake Bercovici. Not much can be said about keyboard player Jeff Kite other than he keeps it real pretty up on stage. And of course, Casablancas. The beloved frontman, who drank heavily to combat his nerves during his time with The Strokes, is as comfortable as ever, but this time he’s sober. He’s not trying to be a rockstar, he just is one.

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