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Quebec drivers play 'Russian roulette,' driving past school buses illegally 30,000 times a day, study finds

There is, in fact, a lot of truth in that cliché. They hatin but they broke tho! Everybody knows that being healthy is a good thing. However, when you make the decision to start living healthy and put in work and the results start to show, you suddenly start facing a lot of criticism. They will start telling you that you are overdoing it and you should slow down even though you are not. They might even try to entice you with your favourite savouries when they know very well that you are on a diet. They will try to act like they are doing it to help you by encouraging you to live a little because, YOLO but the truth is they are just trying to throw a spanner in your works. They don’t want you to lose weight. They want you to be fat, just like them. So why would your fat friends, who should have your best interests at heart, resent you because you actively working on living a healthier life and becoming a better you? The answer is simple.

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